Artificial Grass - Landscape & Gardens

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  • Never mow grass again
  • A natural like grass carpet
  • Eternally green surface
  • Soft and child-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy flooring
  • No more sprinkling
  • Unlimited stress and strain resistance
  • Always green and neat appearance
  • High UV resistance against fading colours

NAMGRASS is 100% recyclable

The fibers use in NAMGRASS products have all been extensively tested in order to be UV stable for up to 8 years! Given the fact that most of our product is based on polyethelene as base material, NAMGRASS is both soft and very UV resistant.

Most NAMGRASS qualities will last for over 10 years easily!

NAMGRASS key market segment.

  • Home owners : Gardens, swimming pools, roof-terraces.
  • Hotels : Roofs, pool areas, terraces, indoor decoration, etc.
  • Municipalities : Along roads, small playground, etc.
  • Companies : At the entrance of buildings or around the buildings.
  • Project developers : Mainly for new show flats or show houses.
  • Architects : For a wide variety of projects and new ideas.


Just like any garden surface, NAMGRASS will collect dirt from environmental exposure and from being walked upon.

The beauty of our artificial turf is that it requires minimal maintenance in comparison to natural grass. And no expensive equipment is needed to keep your turf in tip-top condition all year round!

General upkeep tips.

  • You can clean the grass with a flexible rake or leaf-blower.
  • Regular brushing with a soft, nylon-bristle broom will keep grass clean and upright (Avoid steel brushes!).
  • Never use solvents! Washing NAMGRASS with water (cold or warm) is sufficient, but for harsh chemical spills please refer to the manufacturer.
  • To remove environmental spills, dirt, dust, bird dropping, pet stains â€?and other water-based spills treat as you would normal grass.

Specific maintenance concerns.

  • Leaves and rough dirt: Simply brush, or hose, them away.
  • Fine dirt: Water away fine dirt, but be wary of removing too much infill material. On smaller indoor installations please vacuum up fine dirt.
  • Solids (e.g. chewing gum, pet faeces): Carefully scoop the solids up off the grass.
  • Spilt drinks: Wash away with water.
  • Burning materials (e.g. cigarette, braai coals): Remove as soon as possible but there may still be turf discolouration. Burn marks can be professionally repaired, please refer these queries to your installer.
  • Flatness: Simply brush the grass fibre upright. A more regular brush ensures fibres may stay upright especially on high traffic areas.